Corpse Counter Picasso

A poor, dumb, patsy. He's dead now.


A beyond average, nebbish bookkeeper in service to the Bone king. He was tempted by promises of riches and power and the love of a good whore to steal one of the Bone Father’s most powerful artifacts. He died screaming.


The party was tasked with finding this wayward accountant who had absconded with a precious and powerful set of pipes left in the care of the Bone Father. They tracked him by interrogating his favorite prostitute, who he had fallen in love with, Seraphina at the Lordling’s Rest. Ultimately he was unable to resist returning.

Picasso was unable to resist the siren call of their use, and the pipes consumed him in body and mind. He used their power to nearly escape the party, his hand blackened and oozing, his mind nearly gone.

The party was able to corner him in a local sewer, and desperate and out of escapes he used the pipes again to transform into a giant maggot monster, barely retaining human shape. The party was able to defeat him and deliver him, barely functional, to the Bone Father’s “attentive” care. He is never seen again.

Corpse Counter Picasso

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