Leader of the Spyglass


Decimus is a powerful servant of Aleph the God King, ageless and powerful he is the master of the Spyglass, the secretive spy network stretching throughout the kingdom. He stands almost 7 feet tall, well built and with an almost inhumanly calm expression. He’s a dandy-ish gentleman. Proper and effete, he is clearly used to getting his way.


The players first encountered Decimus in the private office of the Bone Father. He teleported in and without warning conscripted the entire party into the Spyglass, now in service to the King. He recruited the party to catch a dangerous, deranged criminal known as Corpsecounter Picasso, who had stolen a powerful artifact that he would soon unleash on the city.

He implanted microchips into the party’s arm that would allow them to access the Spyglass’s Neural Network and by bound by its rules.

He was seen again after they successfully completed their mission. During his talk with the party, it was discovered that the party was tracked by their connection to the Neural Net and that they were attacked by Frogmen who knew about them and their mission. Highly perturbed, Decimus teleports away while his assistant, Hexima continued their debrief.

Later, he appears to the party, hidden in foliage, to provide them their next mission. They are now the only 4 people in the entirety of the Spyglass that are guaranteed to not be compromised by this mystery criminal organization – currently unnamed. They are tasked with tracking down a smuggling ring that Decimus believes is tracking illicit goods into the city for this new evil.


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